Your pet deserves a vacation while you’re on vacation. Why not let them enjoy a luxurious get-away in one of our private suites, complete with beds, water and food dishes and soothing music. Whether for a night, a weekend or a month, our hospitable and trained staff will cater to your pet’s every need.

Your dog deserves a safe and fun place to be while you are away. He or she can play all day and go to bed in one of our spacious, comfortable kennels or suites. We have dog parks for your dogs to run & play during the day and 4 spacious, play rooms. Your dog will get to play in daycare play areas outside and inside during their stay with us.

We are not responsible for any dogs that refuse to leave.

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Luxury Suite

$ 65

NightIncludes your choice of the following:

  • Free Personal Walk,
  • Free Frozen Peanut Butter/Yogurt Kong
  • Free Storytime
  • Private Outdoor Yard.
  • Daycare, Cots, Blankets & Treats

In And Out

$ 50


  • 8ft Fenced Potty Area w/ Doggy Door
  • Daycare, Cots, Blankets & Treats


$ 40


  • Daycare, Cots, Blankets & Treats

2nd Dog

$ 25


  • Same Kennel
  • Daycare, Cots, Blankets & Treats
  • Discounted 2nd Dog Rate

3rd/4th Dog

$ 15


  • Same Kennel
  • Daycare, Cots, Blankets & Treats
  • Discounted 3rd/4th Dog Rate


  • $5/day medication administration (pill pockets). You must bring in the prescribed medication and directions. Must be labeled. We prefer original bottle/product. We board and do daycare for diabetic or other medical needs dogs. Free pill pockets for all meds or given orally whatever is easier on your dog.
  • $5/dose insulin injections.
  • $10 additional/dog over the age of 2 years that is not fixed due to extra cleaning and precautions taken in play groups
  • Forgot food? We charge $5/meal up to 3 times a day for each dog. We prefer not to use our house blend as we strive to keep dogs on the food they usually eat at home. 


  • We need proof of Bordetella, Distemper, & Rabies for all of our
    services before we can set up any appointments.
  • We require a $50 non-refundable deposit for boarding
    and all major holidays.
  • Daycare punch cards are valid for a year after the day of purchase and
    are non-refundable.
  • If your dog is over the age of 2 years and is not neutered/spayed,
    you will be subject to an additional $10 charge each night your dog is
  • Please be aware of our late policies regarding boarding, daycare, and grooming:
  • Boarding & Daycare- For every 5 minutes past closing time that your
    dog is not picked up, there will be a $15 charge implemented on your
    bill for the day.
  • Grooming- If you are more than 15 minutes late to your grooming
    appointment, you will likely be asked to reschedule your appointment
    due to priority of other appointment times.

We have discounts for stays that are 30 days or more. Call for details.

Out of town or state? No evaluation is needed for boarding.

Don’t forget to ask for your $10 nail trim and your departure bath or groom starting at $25. Call today to make an appointment!

We have upgrades that enhance your dog’s experience with us even more!

Free Cuddles, Petting, Comforting, playtime with staff and/or Dogs, Treats (yours or ours), singing/talking to your dog, text or email photos, soothing nighttime music, health and emotional monitoring, Camera monitoring 24/7, carbon monoxide monitoring, fire alarm monitoring, flood monitoring and security system through out building, laundry service (our blanket or yours), fresh sanitary dishes, Automatic water dish, cots to use, play equipment, enrichment activities, movie time

Luxury Suites get a personal Television, personal music and individual camera monitoring, daycare is included to those that play with some other dogs. One on one with staff playing in outside or inside area several times a day with separate outside potty area!

Inside/ Outside Suites get a personal dog door with an extra 8 foot outside run several times a day or all day if not in daycare.

Requested Upgrades

PB Frozen Kong

$ 5


Personal Walk to Park On Leash

$ 10


Children's Book Story Time

$ 5


Nail Trim

$ 10

Per Month

Dremel Nails

$ 17

Per Month

Exit Bath

$ 25

Starting Price

If Your Dog is not eating after one meal we will try hand feeding and /or treats but after two meals or has upset stomach/diarrhea, we will give steamed rice, Purée Pumpkin or Purée Sweet potato and will attempt to call you. If we don’t hear back, we will use our best judgement and continue using product sparingly to keep your dog fed and hydrated.

Pure Puréed Pumpkin

$ 3


Pure Puréed Sweet Potatoes

$ 4 / 6

container / can


$ 2


Drop off

Monday-Friday 7am-6:30 pm

Saturday drop off 8am- 4 pm

Sunday 9am-11am or 4pm-6pm. (We are closed to the public from 11am to 4pm on Sundays.)

 Pick up

Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

Saturday 8am-4pm

Sunday 9am-11am or 4pm-6pm. (We are closed to the public from 11am to 4pm on Sundays.)

Pick-up after 12 pm is a $20 daycare charge per dog.

If your dog is to be collected by anyone else but you, you MUST give us details. We will not release the dog unless we receive prior instructions from you to do so.

If these times don’t work for you, please call us and talk to a manager to try and set up a special arrangement. We cannot promise anything, but we can try our very best to accommodate you!

What to bring


Medication that your dog may be taking and instructions on administration. You must bring in the prescribed medication and directions. Must be labeled. We prefer original bottle/product. We board and do daycare for diabetic or other medical needs dogs. Free pill pockets for all meds or given orally what ever is easier on your dog.


We prefer pre-measured meals in sandwich bags per meal per dog. All dogs in our care get fed faster after a long day of play. We can customize meal plans, just ask. We prefer to measure out each meal according to your specifications so we can control your dog’s health by portion control. If your dog is on a veterinary prescription diet we ask that you bring along enough food to last the duration of the stay. Extra is appreciated in case of unexpected longer stay. Sometimes dogs do not eat every meal away from home.  This is normal. They will eat when they need to. We will put a treat topper on  top of the kibble you provide to encourage eating and they generally will then eat. We can feed them individually in our break room while we eat as this works well for older dogs. We do not accept dog dishes from home.

Collar + Lead

For extra security we ask that all dogs have a tightened appropriate collar and are kept on a lead when either being dropped off or collected. You don’t need to leave the leash here but we advise you come in on one. We prefer Martingale collars with a legible name tag but will accept any. No name tag? We charge $3 for a temporary name tag. No collar? We offer large dog collars for $10 for your convenience.

Toys + Treats

You are welcome to bring along your dogs favorite toys and treats. We do not advise rawhide as too much can become an obstruction.


We can supply bedding, however, bedding from home with familiar smells can often help dogs to settle. If providing your own, please ensure it can be washed easily. Limit of one small blanket/toy per dog. We do not accept large stuffed beds or crates/kennels.

Proof of Vaccination

If proof of vaccination is not shown on arrival, or we do not have ahead of time in our system, we cannot accept your dog for boarding, grooming or daycare. We need proof of all vaccines to be up to date when making any appointment and the duration of the stay. If you have been here before, we keep it on file until it is not up to date. Your veterinarian may be closed evenings and weekends so be sure to get us a copy as soon as possible.

Other Information

All dogs are boarded in private suites complete with comfortable bedding and stainless steel bowls which are changed on a daily basis.  Dogs receive several walks daily on leashes outside and full access to playrooms all day for daycare.

We strive to be “cageless” only to separate to eat and sleep. However we do offer high quality kennels for eating and sleeping.

We use pet safe cleaning products for all of our surfaces, stainless steel, floors and sanitize by dishwasher all Prairie Dog’s stainless steel bowls. We have all size bowls and have perfected which dog enjoys each size and shape of bowl. We ask you not to bring in your bowls from home as they can be unsanitary.

We prefer everything pre labeled, permanent marker works great. We run like a human child’s daycare and love to know “Billy’s” belongings. We have a commercial washer and dryer to wash “Billy’s” items. If it is a special item just tell us and we can hand wash and or we do keep inventory at all check in’s.

All kennels are under supervision 24/7 and 365 days a year. We have full nighttime vision cameras with microphone technology. We have a full security system with smoke, carbon monoxide, flood, fire and burglary systems in place.

Daycare is included in boarding prices but no packages available for boarding.