A properly groomed pet is a happy and healthy pet. Nobody understands that better than Prairie Dog’s groomers and staff. We provide a state-of-the-art grooming facility where your pets will be pampered by our professional stylists. Whether your dog is a pedigree or the neighborhood stray that you fell in love with, Prairie Dog offers a full-line of grooming procedures from a simple shampoo to pre-competition preparation. We require proof of up to date vaccines for all appointments at Prairie Dog. We try our hardest to take (walk-in) customers, but calling ahead is best for you, your dog and our organizational skills.

Ask for a departure bath and brush or departure groom, you will get a clean, tired and happy dog to bring home after daycare or boarding!


Price will vary depending upon type of service and breed of dog. Call for a quote!

Nail TrimDog

$ 5


Proof of UTD Rabies vaccine needed.

Appointment necessary.

Punchcards available: 10 nail trims for $50, get the 11th FREE!

15-Step BathPrice depends on coat and size

$ 35+

DogCustomized bath with premier shampoo for each dog’s needs


Ears cleaned and dried

Washed twice with choice of shampoo

Rinsed twice

Twice towel dried

Blow dry

Air dried

Nails trimmed

Eye stains addressed

Brushed out fur

Anal glands expressed if requested/needed

Conditioner and cologne, if needed

Bandana or bow


$ 45+

DogPrice depends on condition of coat, size, hair length, and behavior.

Includes 15-Step Bath, scissoring, & clipper cuts

Paw pad trim

Ear hair removed

Premier, top of the line shampoo

ShavingLarge Dog

$ 80+

Large Dog

Bang TrimDog

$ 5


Paw Pad TrimDog

$ 10


Paw Pad BalmDog

$ 10


Sanitary TrimDog

$ 10


Spa Pedicure/DremelDog

$ 10



$ 10


Deshedding FurminatorDog

$ 15

Dog6-step 1 hour process
Late Policy: If you arrive 10 minutes late or more to your appointment you will likely be asked to reschedule. Priority is given to those who arrive on time.


  • $15 feather extensions for your dogs fur by their collar
  • Extra services can be added: extra brushing time, extra dry time, face trim, sanitary trim, nail trim, dremel, ears cleaned, ear hair removed, conditioner, paw pads trimmed, demat, Furminator process, or behavior time
  • Your dog can play before or after in our daycare starting at $7.

We can offer face trims only and or mini grooms- We can do just one thing for you or FULL Service.  Ask a groomer.

Ask about our de-shed programs!

If no special is requested, we do our 15-step bath and brush and 17-step groom.

Facebook message a groomer now!  @PrairieDogFargo

Bath Guide

ZEN Our hypoallergenic shampoo + fragrance free

BUDDY ANTI ITCH Soothing oatmeal shampoo

CHERRY BLOSSOM Our mildly fragrant pre-wash shampoo

BAMBOO A crisp clean fragrant shampoo. Our most popular

MANDARIN ORANGE Degreasing, citrus scented shampoo

RICE FLOWER A color enhancing treatment for white dogs

BLACK IRIS A color enhancing treatment for black dogs

LOTUS FLOWER Hydrating shampoo

GREEN TEA Green Tea scented shampoo

WEN For very fine hair, a non lather shampoo

Additional Charge Baths

KIMONO Furminator 3 step shampoo & conditioning treatment along with deshedding furminator tool process

FUJI APPLE Medicated shampoo for various skin problems

DOGZILLA For oily, dirty, crusty, generally overall smelly dogs

SAMURAI An all natural flea & tick shampoo and deterrent


We offer coloring treatments. Have a gray dog? We can color him/her black again. Take off years of age with new color. Make your pup look young again.

We also offer all natural semi-permanent colors $10 each spot/color or $20 for a rainbow or multicolor whole dog.

These colors show up well in white or cream fur. We will try other dogs but may not show up as vivid.

These can be in combination or just a paw or chin/head/tail stripe colored in.

We only color if you ask!

Spot ColoringDog

$ 10


Rainbow/Multicolor WholeDog

$ 20+

Magic Purple
Screaming Pink
█ Tuxedo Black
Popstar Pink
Shocking Orange
Midnight Blue
Tango Turquoise
 Monster Green
Wicked Red
Vampire Red

Other Information

Quotes/Estimates will be given in person by the groomer same day. Must call ahead for an appointment. Same day appointments may be possible but not promised. We can make an easy ongoing appointment list for your favorite time and day and if all appointments are kept and on time, ask the groomers for a discount.

We require an Owners Agreement for all grooming appointments. We require proof of up to date Rabies when making the appointment and needs to be on file before arrival of any dog. We suggest and recommend for the best health of your dog and other dogs you follow Heart Guard and test for worms that are up to date with your veterinarian.

With these precautions and our veterinarian grade disinfectant and universal precautions, we reduce or eliminate spread of airborne and other viruses.

We proudly take puppies and older dogs as you can rest assure we are the cleanest groom shop in town!

Don’t have time to drop off “Spot” for his trim or bath? We offer play and groom where you can drop off your dog as early as 7am and pick up as late as 7pm and have the dog beautified while you work or get stuff done starting at $7. No hussle back and forth!